Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping services refer to the systematic recording and organising of financial transactions in a company.

At ACS Management, we provide comprehensive financial accounting and tax services for you and your business. These include computerised bookkeeping services, making it a breeze for your company to document its financial reports.

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Advantages Of Bookkeeping Service

Meeting Legal Obligations

One key advantage of bookkeeping is that it ensures companies are meeting legal obligations to maintain its financial reports. This includes tracking and documenting revenue and expenditures, in order to pay appropriate taxes annually. Failure to do this can result in government penalties if a company is audited and asked to produce evidence of its business transactions.

Accountability and Transparency

Bookkeeping creates accountability with customers, as it allows companies to look up previous transactions to verify prices or payments made.

It also creates accountability among business partners, since authorised partners may access the company books to review cash flows. This gives companies greater internal control as recent bookkeeping software can alert company owners to any fraudulent activity.

Bookkeeping allows for greater transparency as company owners can access their books to show potential investors who are interested in the business’ financial position.

Information Accuracy

Bookkeeping creates hard data that company owners can use to make informed decisions for their company. With this data, companies have accurate and clear information about their progress or financial position. This can help to guide business decisions, such as whether it is justifiable to close down a store location or hire more employees.

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