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Perhaps an in-house payroll department is not cost-effective for your company’s scale of operations. Or maybe you are unable to find the right personnel to help you with payroll services. Let our professional team solve all your administrative woes! Committed to providing the best payroll services to small and medium-sized businesses, ACS Management Consultants is confident of easing your company’s workload through our professionalism and efficiency!

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Increase Focus on Core Competencies

Easing up the burden of non-core tasks such as payroll functions will allow your team to focus better on core competencies that will increase sales and profitability. There is a wide range of regulations and paperwork when it comes to payroll, such as taxes, computing commission schemes and filing of income tax.

Instead of trying to manage payroll services inefficiently, it is a better solution to properly utilise the skills of your team and outsource this non-critical role to an agency who is competent in it.

At ACS Management Consultants, our professional team of experts are veterans in the whole range of payroll services, tax accounting services and company secretarial services. Achieve peace of mind with our statutory compliant payroll services and let us help you improve your business’s productivity!

Reduce Cost And Hassle

There are significant cost-savings involved when a company outsources payroll instead of building an in-house team. Besides the obvious headcount and training costs, you also have to take into consideration the cost of good payroll software and backup servers for data storage.

Not to mention the hassle of upgrading the payroll software, sending employees for training courses to keep them updated of the latest regulations and staff turnover issues.

By using the latest software for efficient payroll processing, we are capable of processing various salary schemes and CPF computation, generating reports and performing other miscellaneous administrative roles timely and accurately on your behalf. Your employees deserve timely payment


Leave the fretting of payroll duties to us and divert the manhours into sales-increasing activities so that your business can grow. Professional, efficient, timely submission and affordability are our key strengths. Call our friendly customer service team to find out more now!

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